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for Retailers, Manufactures and Suppliers  
  • Manufactures, suppliers and retailers can transact business and exchange information at one internet location.
  • Everyone benefits through improved efficiency and lower costs.
  • Open 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
find information and natural products        
  • Learn about Isagenix cleansing and fat burning.
  • Find more online including Isogenics products.
  • Approach >weight loss with a variety of dietary modifications and nutritional supplements.
Save Time and Increase Profits               
  • Use a fast hand held laser scanner to place your orders to over 100 suppliers.
  • Replace out of date paper catalogs with online product information from Nutri-Books, Natural Factors and other suppliers.
  • Increase profits by optimizing inventory stock levels and turn over.
  • Make sure you stay under budget as the order is totaled.
  • Stay up to date on specials, best sellers and new products.
  • Access past orders in your password protected account.
  • Download product data to update your POS system.
  • Use the industry directories to find new suppiers, brokers, etc.
lower your costs and increase sales        
  • Lower your costs by receiving electronic orders that can be easily imported into your ERP or accounting system.
  • Obtain new retail customers.
  • Make your product data available online to replace paper catalogs and populate POS systems.
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